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When it comes to houses and condos, the difference between a headache and healthy profit comes down to one thing: excellent management. Austin-based Oak River Property Management is the gold standard for property management, whether that’s a single-family home (including post-foreclosure properties) or a condo development. Our relationship-driven approach, based on accessibility, accountability and authenticity, is what you need to get the most out of your property.

When it's Time to Rent your Home

Your biggest investment is our top priority

Your rental house should be making you money, not causing you headaches. However, turning your old home or that savvy flip into a money maker is tough – nearly two thirds of rental homeowners fail to turn a profit because they miss the mark on challenges like pricing, management costs and tenant retention. If your valuable asset has become a burden, it’s not time to hang it up. It’s time to call an expert.

Association Management​

We solve your problems so you can enjoy your neighborhood

Associations are unique, bringing together diverse people with a common interest: a neighborhood that works. We are uniquely equipped to handle either a portion or all of an association’s administrative challenges, freeing up owners to enjoy the full benefits of their investment.

REO Property Management

Pristine properties for resale or rental

While no one expects the housing market to return to the chaos of 2008, our team was shaped by handling the avalanche of listings that crisis created, making us knowledgeable and nimble when it comes to preserving your post-foreclosure property. We bridge the gap between landlord, resident, and financial institution.