We handle the details so you can enjoy life.

Our Perspective

Associations are unique, bringing together diverse people with a common interest: a neighborhood that works. We are uniquely equipped to handle either a portion or all of an association’s administrative challenges, freeing up owners to enjoy the full benefits of their investment.

Our Approach

We custom tailor solutions to meet the administrative, financial and physical property management needs of each association client. Our first priority is a trust-based relationship with your Board of Directors, Committee Members and Owner Members in which we identify consensus needs then maintain proactive communications as we meet those needs working closely with employees and carefully selected vendors.

Our Services

No matter the challenge, we get the job done.

Administrative Services

  1. Prepare meeting agendas, notices, minutes and resolutions.
  2. Conduct meetings according to rules of order.
  3. Administer quorum, proxy and voting requirements.
  4. Maintain updated list of owners and their contact information.
  5. Respond to title company and realtor inquiries.
  6. Assist compliance with governing documents and statutes.
  7. Act as registered agent.
  8. Coordinate insurance coverage and handle insurance claims.
  9. Expedite owner applications (DRC, replats, etc.).

Financial Services

  1. Prepare annual budget.
  2. Invoice and collect HOA dues and special assessments.
  3. Review and pay HOA bills.
  4. Monitor receivables and cash flow.
  5. Maintain accurate records of income and disbursements.
  6. Prepare monthly financial reports.
  7. Reconcile bank statements.
  8. Records management.
  9. Assemble and maintain a complete set of governing documents.
  10. Digitize all governing documents and other HOA records.
  11. Provide long-term storage of governing documents and HOA records.

Maintenance and Repairs

  1. Maintenance repairs and/or replacement of common area facilities or equipment shall have the approval of the Board and be in compliance with budget and association regulations.
  2. Specific improvements and repairs, authorized by the Association, shall be completed within a reasonable period of time.
  3. Specifications and bids for all major maintenance and improvement contracts will be approved by the Board and entered into the official records of the association prior to the commencement of any work or project.