As long as you own it, we’ll keep it in selling shape.

We learned this business the hard way.

While no one expects the housing market to return to the chaos of 2008, our team was shaped by handling the avalanche of listings that crisis created, making us knowledgeable and nimble when it comes to preserving your post-foreclosure property. We bridge the gap between landlord, resident, and financial institution.

You own the property. We handle the headaches.

Whether you have ten properties on your books or ten thousand, we can scale to handle your unique needs to get your properties ready to show and sell.

Oak River Post-Foreclosure Offerings

  • Inspections
  • Code compliance
  • Property Registration Services
  • Repairs and Rehab
  • Interior and exterior maintenance
  • Rent Collection and Enforcement
  • Utility Management
  • Cash for Keys
  • Re-Key and Secure
  • Emergency Services and Restoration

Oak River HOA Solutions

  • HOA Identification and Outreach
  • HOA Lien Search
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • HOA Due Diligence
  • HOA Curative Negotiation
  • Lien and Notice Monitoring